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    Award-Winning Dog Behaviorist Services in London and Beyond

    Welcome to the premier dog behaviourist service in London, Essex, East London, Stratford, Sussex, Winstead, and beyond. My name is Ewan Mackintosh, and I bring over a decade of experience in transforming the lives of dogs and their owners with expert quality training.

    Why Choose Ewan Mackintosh?

    Expert Quality Training

    With a 10-year track record of success, I offer award-winning dog behaviourist services that you can rely on. Whether your dog struggles with common unwanted behaviours like excessive barking or more intensive issues such as separation anxiety and reactivity, my tailored training programs are designed to address and resolve these challenges effectively.

    Comprehensive Behavioral Solutions

    My services are not just about basic obedience; they are focused on understanding behavioural modifications. Each session, from puppy training to correcting aggressive tendencies, is crafted to bring out the best in your canine companion.

    Peace of Mind

    Choosing the right trainer is crucial for your dog’s well-being and peace of mind. When you opt for my services, you can relax, knowing your dog is in the best possible hands. My approach is rooted in kindness, patience, and positive reinforcement, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for your furry friend.

    Award-Winning Expertise

    As an acclaimed dog behaviourist in London, my award-winning methods have been recognized for their effectiveness and compassion. I am dedicated to staying at the forefront of dog training techniques, continuously updating my skills to provide the best possible care for your pet.

    As a dog behaviorist, I’ve encountered numerous challenging cases. Still, one dog stands out as the most aggressive and reactive I’ve worked with in the past decade, indoors and outdoors. Inside the home, this dog exhibited extreme behaviors such as growling, snapping, and resource guarding, creating a tense environment. Outside, walks became a nightmare with lunging, barking, and attempts to attack others, turning simple outings into stressful experiences.

    Dealing with this dog’s extreme aggression and reactive behavior requires effective management and careful handling. It was essential to grasp dog psychology deeply and devise a customized strategy. Through comprehensive assessments and behavior modification techniques, we gradually made progress. Patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement were vital in transforming this highly aggressive dog into a more manageable companion. This experience highlighted the importance of persistence and the potential for positive change in even the most challenging cases.

    Check the actual video on how I handle this dog.

    Key Features of My Services

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    Personalized Training Plans

    Every dog and their needs are unique. I develop customized training plans that cater to your dog’s behaviour and goals.

    In-Home Training Sessions

    dog training london

    I bring my expert services to the comfort of your home, making it convenient and stress-free for you and your dog.

    Ongoing Support

    off leash K9 training

    My commitment to your dog’s improvement doesn’t end with the training sessions. I offer ongoing support and follow-up consultations to ensure long-term success.

    Behavioural Assessments

    Detailed evaluations and assessments to understand the root causes of your dog’s behaviour, allowing for a targeted and effective training approach.

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    Ewan was very knowledgeable in his approach to dog training. He helped us to deal with the changes in our dogs behaviour and gave useful and practical strategies and insights into how we can change unwanted behaviours.
    Chiara SegatoriChiara Segatori
    07:21 08 May 24
    Hello there, on the day 7/05, my partner, myself and our little puppy, Smokey had a consultation with the behaviourist, we were not confident enough to teach our puppy but after the meeting we feel more confident. Thank you so much for your time and your help. I look forward to see you soon.kind regards from,Andras, Chiara and Smokey.
    Unda PreshaaUnda Preshaa
    14:53 05 Apr 24
    I can’t believe this happened so quick. Worth every penny it’s like having a new dog. Short and long lead coaching, Ewan is brilliant and knows his stuff. I can’t recommend him enough. It’s not often I’m left speechless. This is life changer and I’m actually looking forward to walking the dog now. Big breeds are no joke and Ewan has helped the whole family with this. I’m forever great full. Steve J
    Ewan came and helped us with our two crazy 2 year old working spaniels that tugged on the lead as if their life depended on it. He quickly taught us how for them to be more calm when visitors came around ie what to do/how to act, how to calm them before leads went on and how to exit the house for best success on walks. He then taught us his 3 techniques for how to get them to walk to heel with a slip lead. Very effective! Only 3 days in and our craziest spaniel is walking to heel. This is... saying something as no friends or family will walk him because he is a mad man, practically swimming on the floor to get to things. Practicing every day is the key and we couldn’t have done it without Ewan’s help… thank you Ewan! This has been life changing for us!read more
    Thomas BurgessThomas Burgess
    15:43 31 Mar 24
    Fantastic services. The dog trainer helped us with walking two absolutely crazy cocker spaniels. Both dogs were walking so good within 10 minutes. Maverick and Milo are certainly going to be happier dogs.
    Heqing ChangHeqing Chang
    18:08 26 Mar 24
    I reached out to Ewan for my 2 year old Shiba Inu and Ewan came back to me quickly on the next day. He showed us helpful techniques on walking and feeding, thank you!
    Adam PAdam P
    19:48 23 Mar 24
    Ewan was great, got some fantastic techniques for mending our Dog Mollie’s bad behaviour, would recommend!
    13:43 25 Feb 24
    We have an 8-month-old Cane Corso. He is a wonderful and sweet dog, but he tries to dominate me. Of course, I started to worry about it, but luckily Ewan came to the rescue. From the beginning of our training, our Rocco changed his behavior and, to my surprise, he became a gentle and calm dog. Ewan has good energy which he passes on to our pets. I highly recommend him, regardless of how big and problematic our pet is.
    16:33 10 Dec 23
    We have a new puppy at 8 weeks who needed some urgent training, I found Ewan on a search on Google, within 10 mins we did a feeding ritual, he was walking better and have toilet training technique! Great training, thank you!

    Need more proof of My Expertise as a Dog Behaviorist?


    For evidence of my expertise as a dog behaviorist, please visit my social media accounts, where you can find video reviews, demonstrations of training techniques, and testimonials from satisfied customers.

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    About Dog Trainer Specialist

    I am experienced in dog training and dog owner training. I’ll help develop your dog and owner relationship so that you can communicate well. Whether you need to train your puppy or require advanced training, you can count on me for a quality job.

    As the beautiful feedback from former customers shows, I can be relied upon for my professional skills and integrity. I pride myself on providing the best training lessons to achieve the results my clients desire while strengthening the bond between them and their dogs.

    Dog training isn’t just for puppies, either. I have experience helping dogs of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds cultivate better behavioural patterns for happier and healthier lives with their owners. Whether your puppy needs to learn the basics or you have an older dog displaying anxious behaviours, I can teach you the right tools and techniques to ensure a better future for your home life with your furry companion.

    If you need an affordable and effective dog behaviourist in Essex or East London, look no further, you have come to the right place.

    Available Seven Days A Week

    Everyone’s schedule is different, and I understand all too well how important it is to be able to rely on a dog behaviourist in London with flexible lesson times. For your convenience, I am open seven days a week. Whether you are looking for sessions strictly on the weekends or you’re only available on Tuesday afternoons, you can count on me.

    I am a dog and puppy behaviourist based in East London. I cover most parts of London and beyond, as well as Essex, Stratford, Barking, Romford, Brentwood, Chigwell, and Upminster. I specialise in conducting all training sessions in your home so that you can achieve the best possible results.

    Home visits are best for helping your dog understand that the new rules and behaviours are to be maintained at all times and in all locations, not just within a training centre. Feel free to Contact Me for a complete breakdown of my services, Prices, and how they best fit your needs.

    For expert dog training and dog owner training in London and Surrounding Atea’s, call:

    07483 243 303

    Booking Policy

    One Time £20 Booking /Admin Fee (not a deposit) and there will be a further £20 booking fee after Cancellation/Rescheduling

    Note: Non-refundable after cancellation/rescheduling