Professional Dog Trainer & Dog Training Prices

In East London, Essex and Ilford



1, 2, or 3 Sessions

Each session upto 2 Hours



Dog Behaviourist & Owner Training

£20 One Time Booking/Admin Fee (not a deposit) as long as there’s no Cancellation’s/Rescheduling there after

Travel fees:
£15 for 20 – 25 minutes
£30 for 26 – 45 minutes

There will be a £30 fee if you wish to record the session.

Working with a dog behaviourist is an excellent investment. Training requires time, effort, and patience from you and from the instructor of your dog behaviourist courses. 

Older dogs generally have more misbehaviours that have been ingrained into their habitual living, making them more difficult to unlearn. This can require more time, attention, and patience. However, many puppies haven’t even learned basic behaviours like how to sit still, so they can be restless students. Take advantage of puppy training classes so your puppies can grow into well-trained dogs. In the long run, these classes are worth the time and cost.